Understanding About Remote Control Boat Types

As we all know, there is no more means of transportation by sea than boats, but there are many types of boats. People who love sailing and  hobbies are delighted with the advent of remote control boats. In addition to the well-known remote control sailboats  exist in EXHOBBY, there are also remote control racing boats that can be used for sports events, and Mini remote control pool boats that can be used in their own swimming pools.

Rc Racing Boat

The racing boat is a kind of boat specially used for competition and training. The two ends are thin and the boat body is long and narrow. The boat body is mainly made of light materials such as glass fiber reinforced plastic and carbon fiber. The longest eight-person boat is 17-18 meters in length and 57 centimeters at its widest point; the smallest single-person boat is 8 meters long and only 29 centimeters at its widest point. The position of the safety ball is the bow, and the position of the rudder is the stern. Unlike traditional boats such as dragon boats, rowing paddlers sit on the boat with their backs facing the bow and stern facing the boat. In multiplayer rowing, number each paddle position from stern to bow.

 Rc Catamaran

A catamaran is a boat in which two hulls are held together horizontally with the deck. Although the catamaran design is a relatively new design, commonly used in the design of sports and recreational boats, it has actually been used for centuries in Polynesia on the Pacific Ocean.

Rc catamaran

what is the difference between Rc Racing Boat and Rc Catamaran

The characteristic of catamaran is that the speed difference between standard displacement and full-load displacement is small, while the speed difference of racing boat is relatively large.

RC Pool Boats

It can let children feel the fun of racing boats at home. It is a kind of miniature boat, and it is the first choice for children's gifts.

Rc Sailboats

Sailing boat is a ship that uses wind as power to move forward. It has a history of more than 5,000 years and is an ancient maritime means of transportation. Relatively taller than the sailboat, the size of the remote control sailboat has also been reduced and modified.


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