Top 10 Choices on EXHOBBY for Christmas Gift

Have no idea what gift choice for Christmas?

Well, EXHOBBY is an one-stop RC mall for kids and adults, check out the top 5 choices recommended as Christmas gift.


1:14 Drift Car

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An easy controlling RC drift car with proper size of 1/14 scale, it is simple fun to run indoor or outdoor by kids, teens and even adults. The speed is just to light up the audience, a small racing game is a good condiment in a family party.

Interactive Puppy

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Bring a puppy home to kids is obviously an easy choice for gift. The interactive puppy has a good reaction to the kids by touching at certain sections. It can also be controlled by a transmitter, or even be programmed to make actions by set orders.


2-channel F16 Jet-like Beginner Plane


The LED indicators obviously makes the jet extraordinary in night flight. With gyro stabilizer, it is so easy to fly right in the pathway out of your door. The pace is properly designed for beginners to  and the scale trim scheme definitely makes it look so nice in the air.


Amphibious Monster Truck

A fun-to-play RC monster truck that can run in various scene, from road, lawn to beach and pool. 4-wheel-drive with giant tires makes it able to conquer different terrains. More than 3 colors optional.

High Speed Pool Racing Boat

The small size racing boat can reach a facinating speed in a pool or even a park lake. Obviously, the shiny LED's at the sides is the show-off factor in the night. What's more, is the self-righting structure makes it never flip over during running, even when is controlled by an unskilled teen or kid.

This holiday season, make your gifts memorable with EXHOBBY's top 5 Christmas gift options. From land to air to water, our selection caters to all tastes and ages, ensuring your gifts bring joy, excitement, and unforgettable experiences.

P51D Mustang(RED)RC Airplane761-5V2_Red_details

A beginner-friendly RC airplane with a Xpilot gyro stabilizer. It's easy to control, making it ideal for new pilots to learn flying skills.

P51 Mustang(BLUE) WWII Airplane

Experience the thrill of flying with this RC airplane, equipped with a Xpilot stabilization system. It's perfect for beginners and experts alike.

Vector SR80 Pro RC Boat

Vector SR80 Pro RC Boat

A high-speed RC racing boat with a top speed of 50mph. Its capsize recovery feature and durable ABS hull make it perfect for competitive racing.

1:16 Scale Tornado RC Monster Truck

1:16 Scale Tornado RC Monster Truck

An all-terrain RC truck with a 4-wheel-drive system and a top speed of 30MPH. It's designed to conquer rugged terrains and provide a realistic off-road experience.

Hurricane RC Sailboat

Hurricane RC Sailboat

A 1-meter-long sailboat that stands out with its large sail and stylish design. It's perfect for outdoor pools, rivers, and lakes, offering a unique sailing experience.

This holiday season, make your gifts memorable with these top 10 choices from EXHOBBY. From land to air to water, our selection caters to all tastes and ages, ensuring your gifts bring joy, excitement, and unforgettable experiences.

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