To Learn About the Spitfire

About what is Spitfire?

The Spitfire was a British piston fighter during World War II. It is one of the best piston fighters in Europe and a famous aircraft of World War II.It was the first British combat aircraft to successfully use an all-metal load-bearing skin. Its comprehensive flight performance was always at the world's advanced level during World War II. Although there were many losses in the air due to operational and pilot factors, its excellent performance played an important role in maintaining British air supremacy and turning the tide of the war in Europe.

Many aviation model players are crazy about it, and many aviation model companies have begun to manufacture Spitfire simulation fighters. This cool fighter will be one of your favorite hobby.

 SpitfireSpitfire Mark VIII
Spitfire rc planevolantexrc Spitfire 4-CH Remote Control Airplane

If you are interested in this cool guy you can click here. :)

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