Find Your New RC Flying Field with Ease: A Guide

Just recently, I moved about an hour north of where I lived for close to two decades and one of the first things on my "To Do" list was to find a new local place and/or flying field. It took only a 10-second Google search to discover the closest flying fields near me.

The AMA also has a convenient RC Club Finder. Simply enter the city and state and choose your mile radius and click search.

No matter where you end up, chances are there will be a flying field or club within a reasonable distance from you. The three fields I found were all within a 15-20 minute drive, which is totally reasonable. I look forward to trying out each one, getting a feel for the one I resonate best with (the members, how accommodating the runway is in size and condition, how many obstacles, etc.), and making it my new flying destination.

So whether you have recently moved or not, it could be worth your time to branch out and see what is around you. I haven't met an RC pilot yet who I didn't like. Good luck and happy searching!

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