Choosing the Best RC Car for You

First RC Car

If you’re shopping for yourself or for a gift, for an adult or for a child, it’s important that a first RC car is well balanced for the beginner with a combination of high value, low cost, ease of use, repairability, and fun. The first-time RC car driver has different needs than the long-time surface RC enthusiast and a big part of that is a need for durability. We picked the RC Monster Truck because it is built to tackle intense all-weather thrills and spills — and it’s “Designed Fast, Designed Tough” like all ARRMA vehicles. It provides an exciting punch while maintaining easy handling. The bashing-optimized suspension delivers awesome stability, allowing you to concentrate on attacking the terrain with a monster truck that handles as good as it looks.

rc car

High Value – Low Cost

When we reviewed our selection of RC cars looking for the best first RC car, we wanted to pick something at an entry-level price point: something with a high value at a low cost. When someone opens the box of their first RC car, we want it to have everything they need to start having fun. The RC Monster Truck includes a radio transmitter and receiver for the control and a NiMH battery with a charger. It’s a great first RC Car for those wanting to try their hand at the remote control car/truck hobby without breaking the bank! To add to the value, the innovative battery tray also accepts LiPo cells for increasing performance and extending run time, but you should note that LiPo batteries require more knowledge and care than the beginner-friendly NiMH batteries. It’s something you can grow into and it’s also repairable! Horizon Hobby carries a wide variety of RC Monster Truck parts and accessories to keep you rolling. 

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Fun RC Car for Beginners

Probably the most important feature of an RC car for a beginner is the fun factor. We wanted to pick something designed for maximum fun. A common mistake beginners make is oversteering. The transmitter for the RC Monster Truck is adjustable to help you have more fun while learning to balance your steering. You can also turn down the speed for increased control. Another challenge to navigate as a beginner is terrain. The RC Monster Truck has higher ground clearance to help you have more fun in a variety of terrains, be it your backyard, a field, the beach, or even mud. Just be sure to check your manual for wet-condition maintenance if you run it through mud or water. With the RC Monster Truck, everything you need to start having fun is in the box, right down to the 4 AA batteries for the controller, so you’re ready to run!

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