Do you understand channels in RC?

As a newcomer to the radio control flying hobby, learning about the primary rc airplane controls of your new plane is essential for becoming a good pilot, and getting the most out of your model.
Every operation that is controllable on an rc airplane is referred to as a 'channel'.

Overview of Channel Definition


The most basic plane type which is consist of throttle and rudder. It is simple to understand as entry-hobby level.


To get a true feeling and understanding of radio control flying, a RC plane with 3 chanels is more recommanded. With throttle, rudder and elevator, it obviously brings more controls to the plane to fly the way you want. 


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Nick Mead

Nick Mead

We need to purchase bulk orders of sonic or voltarex foam gyro planes for our radio control plane shooting stand
Tanks a lot ltd

Paul holstead

Paul holstead

Love the warbirds beautiful little aircraft I would love to see a ww2 Hurricane and probably some with different colours

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