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The XPILOT System is a trustable flight mate for rookie pilots, providing different levels of gyro stabilizer to gradually help beginners learn to fly.

With a switch, you can simply change the assist level to either get the aircraft back to the most stable flight attitude, or allowing more flight angles to do more agile moves. When more control skills are learned, a pilot can turn off the assist completely to fly as a real expert. Turning back on when needed to rescue the flight is always safe n’ easy.


Generally, the XPILOT system works in a way to react in the opposite direction when the aircraft is at an unexpected bad attitude . The XPILOT System has 3 levels of control. 

// Full Assist (switch toward pilot)

In this position the bank and dive angles of the airplane are greatly restricted and the plane will return to level flight when the sticks are released. 

// Partial Assist (switch in middle)

In this position bank and dive angles are increased, but the plane still returns to level flight when the sticks are released. 

// No Assist (switch away from pilot)

In this position the stability system is inactive. This is the expert setting and allows for unaided control. If orientation or control is lost, simply switch to one of the other assist modes to regain control.



Not only to keep safe and calm, the XPILOT system also provides the naughty ways to show off.The aerobatics button allows the pilot to perform a roll or loop automatically in either assist mode. As shown below, while flying in either assist mode, press the button on the left shoulder of the transmitter and you will hear several beeps. While the transmitter is beeping, simply move the aileron stick to either direction for auto-roll or move the elevator stick to "up elevator" (stick down) to perform a loop.

One-key Aerobatic

The 6-axis stabilizer keeps the RC plane flying in a stable attitude without much control skill, even in windy weather.


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