Safety is paramount. It’s definitely not something that you should neglect. The consequences of not taking safety seriously can be deadly and this has been the case on numerous occasions. We have collated 10 quick and easy tips to ensure you do everything right when using batteries. 

1. Never Alter Or Puncture Batteries.


2. Always Charge Or Store Batteries In A Fireproof Container Or Bag.

The SUPULSE Lipo Safe Bag is perfect for this.


3. Always Use The Correct Charger For The Relevant Battery

4. Never Expose Batteries To Extreme Temperatures Or Direct Sunlight.

5. Make Sure To Keep Batteries Out Of Reach Of Children.

6. Make Sure To Install Batteries Properly.

ALWAYS put red in red and black in black. 

7. Don’t Carry Batteries With Other Metal Products, As They Can Short-Circuit Each Other.

8. Never Charge Batteries That Are Too Hot.

9. Only Charge Batteries That Are Labeled ‘Rechargeable’

10. If Traveling With Spare Batteries, Pack In Carry-On


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